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Powerstar SO-LO Amorphous Core Smart Transformers

Powerstar SO-LO® is a range of super low loss amorphous core distribution transformers, with online remote monitoring capabilities, designed to reduce electricity costs and deliver increased efficiencies.

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PowerstarTX - Electricity - Power Transformers UK

No obligation proposal

We understand the unique requirements and challenges of each customer is paramount to proving a fit-for-purpose solution, that’s why Powerstar offers a free, no-obligation proposal for all of our transformers.

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PowerstarTX - Electricity - Power Transformers UK

A full service solution

From the initial site survey to installation and maintenance, Powerstar has the in-house capability to deliver projects from concept to completion.

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PowerstarTX - Electricity - Power Transformers UK

Experienced providers of bespoke transformers

Through its integrated company operations, Powerstar offers over 19 years of experience of delivering smart energy solutions and has over 20 years experience of delivering exceptional customer transformer solutions.

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PowerstarTX - Electricity - Power Transformers UK

Powerstar's voltage optimisation and energy storage solutions

As well as distribution transformers, Powerstar manufactures a range of bespoke smart energy solutions. Find out more about our award winning and innovative voltage optimisation and energy storage technologies.

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Leading UK transformer manufacturers, bespoke substations, and energy management services

PowerstarTX manufactures a range of high and low voltage power transformers including super low loss amorphous core, step down transformers, and cast resin transformers.

As well as on-site engagement, our top-of-the-range high voltage and low voltage power transformers can be used for a number of complex industries including network rail, mining and other round-the-clock services. 

PowerstarTX also provides a comprehensive range of transformer care services from transformer refurbishment and rewinding to transformer maintenance.

High and Low Voltage Power Transformers Manufacturers

Our transformer manufacturing knowledge acts as a foundation of expert technical knowledge that puts us in a unique position to provide excellent quality and reliable distribution transformers that deliver real cost-saving benefits. Our experience in providing robust engineering solutions and continuous strive towards innovation means all of our transformers are designed and built to meet every customer’s unique set of energy requirements.

As well as our transformer manufacturing expertise, we also provide a range of services to maximize the lifespan of your transformer, such as essential transformer maintenance, rewinding and refurbishment.



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