A guide to HV efficiency: optimising efficiency with remote monitoring (part 3 of 3)

In the first two parts of our HV efficiencies blog series we discussed the benefits of installing a super low loss amorphous core transformer over a traditional CRGO transformer, and the difference between stepping down your transformers voltage and purpose-built voltage management technologies, such as voltage optimisation.Remote monitoring

However, if your voltage profile is not higher than necessary and, therefore, voltage management is not necessary for your site, the last part in this series will explore the advantages of installing a smart distribution transformer integrated with remote monitoring capabilities.

The smart way to transform energy

Technology all around the world continues to evolve, and connectivity is quickly becoming sought after in all types of electrical equipment as we head towards Industry 4.0.

However, until recently, distribution transformers have been left behind as electrical equipment around it is revolutionised, integrated with internet connectivity and other pairing technologies that increase visibility of asset performance and diagnostics.

This is surprising considering distribution transformers play a vital role in the HV infrastructure of facilities across the UK. In most cases, a distribution transformer is energised 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, even when it does not carry a load, to ensure building receive the correct electricity supply that is safe for use. Therefore, a fault or breakdown would wreak havoc to your operations and can be extremely difficult to predict, especially when outside the annual inspection periods.

Manage your energy effectively

Until recently, facilities have been unable to upgrade their distribution transformers in a way that promotes connectivity with other energy-saving, smart building control systems for full visibility of their energy use.

Currently, once a distribution transformer is installed it remains standalone equipment that is often left alone until it requires attention or even repairing. Additionally, while essential to the transformers upkeep, annual manual inspections are ineffective at providing ongoing insights into the site’s energy use.

Smart distribution transformers with internet connectivity and remote monitoring capabilities, such as Powerstar SO-LO, are now available. The remote monitoring functionality of the technology can deliver easy to analyse information to users, displaying manageable top-level statistics that show the state and performance of the distribution transformer. The range of statistics can consist of grid information, conditional performance, and energy efficiency reports and, from the wide range of crucial data available, companies can utilise the data to discover further savings and energy efficiency optimisations to deliver the best return on investment.

With a smart transformer, potential problems that may cause a breakdown can be identified sooner, and avoided before the building’s electricity supply is affected, providing you with an alert or warning if a problem is detected.

The platform, which can be accessed by the relevant individuals from anywhere with a secure internet connection, will also provide reports on oil analysis, voltage, amps, phase to phase metrics, real power, power factor, core temperature, harmonic distortion, system kVA, system kWh, and GPS location for larger facilities.

By monitoring such aspects, you can quickly resolve any potential issues, both reducing downtime of the distribution transformer and the financial implications involved with solutions that are out of use.

To find out more about smart distribution transformers and remote monitoring functionality, click here or on the button below. Alternatively, if this 3-part guide on HV efficiency has left anything unanswered, don’t hesitate to get in touch and ask us a question.

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