The Amorphous Advantage – Powerstar SO-LO Distribution Transformer Video

Traditionally, transformers have a long lifespan, up to 30-40 years, and due to this, it has been essential that the materials used can withstand the test of time, therefore many transformers that are currently in operation were produced in the 1980s. These transformers may have been highly efficient for the period they were designed in but the expected standards of efficiency are much higher today, with an increased interest in producing more sustainable and environmentally-friendly equipment leading to heightened pressure for businesses to ensure all assets are as energy efficient as possible.

By replacing ageing transformers, some efficiencies can be gained and when combined with super low loss core materials, such as amorphous alloy, an effective and robust solution can be delivered. Amorphous alloy provides suffers fewer losses than the traditionally used cold rolled grain oriented (CRGO) silicon steel due to its internal structure. This structure is more flexible than CRGO which allows for a quicker rate of magnetisation and demagnetisation to take place.

Furthermore, Powerstar SO-LO is considered a smart transformer due to its built-in online remote monitoring capabilities which lends itself to an optimised approach to energy efficiency. The platform displays comprehensive data and intelligence to provide useful grid information, conditional performance data, and energy efficiency reports. It has been designed to complement maintenance activities and allows for the remote monitoring of core temperatures, winding currents, oil temperature and, when integrated the performance of voltage management functionality. This moves distribution transformers away from an era in which, despite being critical infrastructure, they were not connected and online which meant their health, performance, and efficiency were often unknown and relied upon manual inspections of antiquated gauges/meters.

Our smart distribution transformer, Powerstar SO-LO, and its benefits are explained in the below animated video. This video explains how Powerstar SO-LO changes the landscape for distribution transformers through its amorphous core. Additionally, the video explains how the online remote monitoring capabilities of Powerstar SO-LO ensure that it is Industry 4.0 ready. Furthermore, the video explains the bespoke options that can be applied to Powerstar SO-LO as well as the popular applications and sectors for the smart transformer.

You can view the full video here:

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Video timestamps

If you want to view or share a specific section of the Powerstar SO-LO video, there are a number of timestamps below highlighting the different topics covered.

00:06 – Introducing Powerstar SO-LO

00:11 – About Distribution Transformers

00:36 – How Powerstar SO-LO changes distribution transformers

01:06 – Amorphous advantage

01:28 – Industry 4.0 ready

03:03 – Bespoke options

03:35 – Popular applications & sectors

03:59 – Contact Powerstar


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