Dry type electrical transformers explained

The best transformer option for as sites power infrastructure will be highly dependent on a number of factors such the site’s energy specifications, what is produced there and the required voltage of a site. One of the variants of transformers that is an appropriate solution for a lot of sites is a dry type electrical transformer.

In this blog we will outline what is a dry type electrical transformer, what are the advantages and what considerations should be taken before installing one.

What is a dry type transformer?

A dry type transformer is an electrical device designed to lower the incoming voltage of a current to make it easier for electrical devices to withstand high voltage electrical currents. Dry Type electrical transformers do not use liquids to insulate the windings and core, instead, their design uses a sealed container filled with pressurized air.

One of the most common types of dry type electrical transformer is cast resin. These transformers are well suited for high moisture environments due to the core being insulated in a layer of waterproof epoxy resin.

At PowerstarTX, we produce these types of transformers are manufactured with a rating of 1kVA through to 10,000kVA and can handle system volts of up to 22kV.

Advantages of dry type electrical transformers

Compared to other types of transformers, dry type electrical transformers have a few advantageous features. These are:

  • Reduced risk of fires
  • Straightforward on-site installation
  • Pollution-free and environmentally friendly option
  • Well-suited for wet and high-moisture environments
  • Robust quality that can withstand short circuit currents
  • Capacity to support electricity overloads
  • Long service life due to low thermal and dielectric heating

Considerations for dry type transformers

Whether you’re looking to retire an old transformer or install a new one for a new site, there are a few considerations you have to make in order to determine if a dry type power transformer is the right option.

  • While there is a reduced risk of winding failure. Once there is a failure, then the entire high voltage and low voltage winding set up needs to be changed.
  • Dry type power transformers that have the same power and voltage rating as an oil cooled transformer often have a higher upfront cost.

Dry type electrical transformers are used in a number of commercial settings due to their robustness. They see frequent use in chemical, oil and gas industries, and other manufacturing plants which use flammable materials like timber and cloth due to their lower fire risk. Their low maintenance nature and ease of installment also means they can be used in trickier places as underground substations or in off-shore locations.

Also due to being relatively pollution free, dry type electrical transformers are used in environmentally sensitive areas such as water protection areas, substations in residential areas.

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