UK manufactured power distribution transformers, and substations

Discover our comprehensive range of products including reactors, substations, power and transformers, all of which are delivered through a concept to completion approach.

Powerstar upholds the highest manufacturing quality standards to ensure every system is designed to deliver efficiency, reliability and durability throughout its lifespan to maximise your investment. We manufacture ONAN, KNAN & AN amorphous core transformers from 100kVA to 3000kVA with incoming voltages up to 11000 volts and any voltage in between.

The solutions have been utilised across a wide variety of applications including industrial, commercial and utility applications, and is fully supported by a range of services, to deliver a complete solution and peace of mind.

Discover the PowerstarTX range of distribution transformers:

Amorphous core smart distribution transformers

The Powerstar SO-LO® range of smart distribution transformers are super low loss and the only amorphous core distribution transformers manufactured here in the UK. They also come with integrated online remote monitoring capabilities to relay key performance and operational information.

Cast resin distribution transformers

We offer a range of cast resin distribution transformers from 100kVA up to 3MVA, at competitive prices.

Load bank reactors

Used to provide a stable, continuous and variable load to imitate real loads in real time. This means backup systems can be periodically fully tested, ensuring they meet the original design criteria for efficient power generation. Often used in oil and gas, marine, health and data centres to name a few.

Dry-type distribution transformers

Dry type transformers Suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications and widely used in data centres and other critical applications.

Network rail distribution transformers

We have designed and supplied distribution transformers with minimal inrush currents to stop nuisance tripping of strategic control equipment, DC traction, light rail, tram and mainline equipment.

Liquid-cooled distribution transformers

Robust distribution transformers which offer a long-life expectancy. Often used in marine and offshore applications as well as drives and automation industries.

Custom-built distribution transformers for specialist applications

As experienced manufacturer’s we have the ability to design, build and supply transformers to a required specification. This includes transformers for hazardous environments and purpose-built to size or power.

Powerstar also specialises in manufacturing a range of innovative smart energy solutions, including voltage optimisation and energy storage technologies. Find out more about these technologies by clicking here.

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smart low loss transformers

Super Low Loss Smart Transformers

Powerstar SO-LO® is a smart, super low loss distribution transformer with online remote monitoring capability, and is currently the only UK manufactured amorphous core transformer.

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