Powerstar offers a wide range of liquid filled distribution transformers to suit your needs. Mineral oil or synthetic fluid filled equipment are robust and can be installed indoors or outdoors in harsh environments. They require very little maintenance and a have a long service life expectancy of up to 35 years.

Advantages of liquid filled transformers

When it comes to investing in your HV infrastructure, its important to know what your priorities are and work with a provider who can help you to achieve your goals. If your priority is based on lowest first cost, then dry type distribution transformers are often ruled out at an early stage as they typically have higher operating losses than liquid filled transformers. For this reason, liquid filled transformers are often bought for utilities.

Liquid filled distribution transformers are also often utilised in situations where a higher capacity is required as they are noticeably more efficient in this application. Due to their additional cooling and insulation properties, they’re often located in outdoor spaces additionally, the cooling properties of liquid filled transformers are often smaller compared to a dry type transformer of the same rating.

To decide which transformer is right for your business you can speak to one of our professionals, free of charge and under no obligation.

No matter which type of distribution transformer you choose, regular maintenance and annual inspections are an essential part of ensuring your transformers are safe and running optimally. At Powerstar you can set up an ongoing care plan for your equipment at the point of purchase or at any time following your purchase.

Unsure which transformer is right for you? Contact one of our expert engineers today to learn what options are best suited to your unique requirements and priorities.

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liquid cooled transformer


  • Low initial cost
  • Long service life of up to 35 years
  • Low load losses
  • Large choice of styles, ratings and types
  • Can be custom built to meet customer requirements
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