Distribution transformers for specialist applications

Due to the diversity of businesses operations across the UK, Powerstar provides bespoke distribution transformers for specialist applications based on specific size, power or environment requirements to ensure maximum resilience and efficiency, even within challenging applications.

Custom-made power transformers built with our customers in mind

Whatever your requirements, our in-house team of expert engineers will work tirelessly to design and deliver a transformer that is fit-for-purpose based on your needs. As a customer focused manufacturer, we strive to overcome our customers’ challenges by offering a personalised approach from the initial product specification stage right through to after-sales support.

Custom-built transformers for extreme environments

Throughout our history, we have overcome a diverse range of challenges from customers and therefore have experience in delivering bespoke solutions designed with the harshest conditions and environments in mind. We recognise that distribution transformers are often required in difficult areas or demanding applications so we offer a variety of different designs, such as specially designed dry type naturally air-cooled flameproof Class C insulated transformers that are robustly manufactured to withstand open cast mine environments or underground.

Did you know? The largest power rating ever used underground in the UK of 4500MVA, was a mining transformer manufactured by our facility in Bromsgrove.

Areas of use

We offer versatility that extends across multiple applications and sectors including but limited to:

  • Dry type transformers, suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications and widely used in data centres
  • Network rail transformers that are used trackside – we have designed and supplied distribution transformers with minimal inrush currents to stop nuisance tripping of strategic control equipment, DC traction, light rail, tram and mainline equipment
  • Robust liquid cooled distribution transformers which offer a long-life expectancy
  • Standard step-up, step-down distribution transformers

Get in touch with our team today. We welcome all enquiries for bespoke transformers, of any size and volume of power transformers. Our team of expert engineers are always happy to discuss your requirements to better understand your needs, even if your project is in its early stages.

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