As energy prices are continuing to rise, businesses across the UK, particularly high energy users like manufacturers, need to refine power management to reduce electricity consumption and costs.

Optimising energy will become even more important as industry 4.0, the next phase in the digitisation of the manufacturing sector, is introducing increasing amounts of technology and automated processes to industrial environments.

Distribution transformers have not modernised quickly enough for businesses to prepare for these changes. Whilst older transformers were designed to meet environmental standards at the time, technology has advanced quickly, and transformers are often disconnected from asset management.

New smart distribution transformers are not only more efficient, but are connected for remote monitoring of their operation, and deliver insights to aid the continuous optimisation of performance.

Businesses that own and operate high voltage infrastructure can gain benefits from upgrading ageing transformers, particularly when combined with voltage management technology.

Benefits of upgrading

Smart distribution transformers, such as Powerstar SO-LO, utilise amorphous alloy as the core material which is more efficient than traditional transformer core materials such as cold rolled grain oriented (CRGO) silicon steel laminations. The super low loss properties of the core are due to its flexible internal structure which means that it has the ability to switch magnetisation and demagnetisation at a faster rate than CRGO.

Due to the growth of the internet of things (IoT), and emergence of industry 4.0, it is now possible to collect asset data through the online remote monitoring of performance, and to track key insights through a portal that can be accessed through a secure internet connection. Sites that use multiple smart energy technologies can integrate assets on a single platform for comprehensive profile management.

Powerstar SO-LO has been designed to complement maintenance activities and allows for the remote monitoring of core temperatures, winding currents, oil temperature and, when integrated, the performance of voltage management functionality. By collecting and presenting this data in real time, businesses can avoid costly downtime by responding to an emerging problem before it becomes an issue, as well as gain valuable actionable insights into power management for ongoing improvements to energy efficiency, enabling ongoing cost and CO2 reductions over the long-term.

Key differences of Powerstar SO-LO

  • Heightened efficiencies – Up to 75% lower core losses compared to CRGO transformers
  • Remote monitoring – Allows for greater visibility of transformer operations
  • Reliability – 36-month warranty
  • Dedicated customer service – 24/7, 365 days a year
  • Durability – Expected lifespan of up to 50 years
  • Flexibility – Integrate with solar PV to directly connect generation sources to the electricity grid

An integrated solution: Powerstar HV MAX

Upgrading an ageing distribution transformer to one utilising amorphous core technology can generate up to 3% savings on a site’s electrical consumption, but a combined solution with integrated voltage management can provide further savings.

Voltage optimisation is a technology that regulates, cleans and conditions the incoming power supply, to optimise the voltage supplied to the optimal level for on-site electrical equipment and appliances.

Electricity is often supplied at a higher voltage than necessary from the National Grid. By reducing this overvoltage, voltage optimisation reduces overall electricity consumption, which, in turn, minimises carbon emissions and inflated electricity bills, and improves power quality issues, which can reduce wear and tear of on-site equipment.

When voltage optimisation is combined with a new, super low loss transformer, the total electrical consumption saving is typically around 8 – 12%, equating to significant cost and CO2 reductions.

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