Transformer maintenance engineer
16th April 2021

Depending on the type of transformer that’s running on your …

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13th July 2020

Powerstar continues to focus on its commitment to drive excellence …

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dry type transformers
8th January 2020

The best transformer option for as sites power infrastructure will …

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Distribution transformer video
18th September 2019

Traditionally, transformers have a long lifespan, up to 30-40 years, …

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Powerstar HV MAX
3rd June 2019

A step-down transformer changes the entire power output from one …

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Remote monitoring
21st January 2019

In the first two parts of our HV efficiencies blog …

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Powerstar SO-LO Unit - HV distribution transformers
14th January 2019

The second part of our HV efficiency blog series aims …

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uk power transformer manufacturers
7th January 2019

The energy industry can often be complex, which is why …

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Powerstar SO-LO
5th September 2018

In recent years there has been an increased focus on …

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Super low loss amorphous core transformer
22nd August 2018

In recent years, emphasis has grown for the systems and …

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