We offer a wide range of services to support and help to overcome their challenges. With full-service solutions from design to delivery, and beyond, we provide ongoing services to ensure everyone gets the most out of their energy solutions.

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Our range of services include

  • Maintenance to ensure equipment is running safely and effectively. Prevention is better than cure, so it is important to uphold regular maintenance to keep equipment operating optimally.
  • Annual inspections for electrical installations that deteriorate with age and use. To discover potential faults that could occur through trend analysis of cooling medium samples or insulation degradation to provide peace of mind and ensure good working order.
  • Energy efficiency consultations┬áto enable customers to discover where efficiencies can be made on HV or LV supply’s through a variety of proven technologies, services and upgrades.
  • Powerstar Services offers a full range of solutions developed to meet the needs and specifications of the customer on an ongoing basis.
  • Refurbishment, repair and rewinding of existing distribution transformers to provide another working life-cycle where full replacement is not necessary or to extend critical asset lifespan.
  • Site Services including upgrades, protection services and on-site repairs.
  • Full after sales support with 24/7 availability for any issues or concerns that may arise.
  • Project management through a concept-to-completion approach. Working meticulously through the evaluation, installation, and testing process to provide a complete and seamless solution to each and every customer.
  • Equipment buyback to provide an easy and cost-effective method for disposing of old, unwanted equipment in an environmentally responsible manner, and allowing customers to save on new equipment in the process. This includes guaranteed buyback on our own transformers.

All of our services are designed to be flexible and meet the individual requirements and changing needs of our customers, delivered by our experienced team of engineers to provide a fully supported solution. Get in touch today to learn how you could benefit from our range of services.

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