We offer refurbishment of electrical transformer equipment whether originally manufactured by us or by others, including both dry type and liquid filled units.

At Powerstar, we understand that replacing high capex assets can be costly and that sometimes there is a necessity for businesses to extend assets lives through refurbishment and rewinding. Particularly as many distribution transformers are approaching the end of their typical 20–40 life period.

Refurbishment can cover many areas from the total rewind of a transformer, on-site repairs, core and coils, tank work or new radiators, to the complete re-design of equipment to suit a new specific application. We offer a breakdown service, and our engineers are available 24/7, 365 days a year if needed.

A full-service solution

Diagnostics: We’ve assisted customers with a wide range of challenges, including situations where a high voltage transformer has suddenly stopped functioning for an unknown reason. In these situations, our highly-trained team has successfully been able to identify the issue and restore it to full operational capability within strict deadlines and whilst ensuring minimal disruption was caused to the site’s daily operations.

Delivery: Our qualified team of engineers are highly trained. This, combined with our purpose-built facility in Bromsgrove, makes us perfectly positioned to deliver fit-for-purpose services within strict guidelines or timeframes, that comply with the relevant international standards.

Degradation: Every piece of electrical equipment has a lifespan. The use (or misuse) of the electrical equipment determines the lifespan of the equipment, in addition to the environment in which it operates which can dictate and sometimes negatively impact its operational lifespan. To protect your equipment from premature burnout and ensure it stays running optimally, Powerstar also provides fully supported maintenance solutions. In some instances, we may be able to provide hire equipment while your original equipment is being repaired, ensuring a seamless changeover. This will keep your disruption to an absolute minimum.

We don’t specify timeframes or provide an extensive list of services relating to the refurbishment of distribution transformers because we know each situation and client is different and has unique requirements. To learn more about how Powerstar can help you to prolong the life of your transformers and to find the best solution for you, please contact us.

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Transformer repairs, Refurbishment and rewind service


  • Repair, refurbishment or rewind can extend the life of your asset, minimising capex
  • In case of a breakdown, our engineers are available 24/7, 365 days a year
  • In some instances, repairs can be taken on site, minimising downtime

As with all work undertaken by Powerstar, we implement a turnkey, bespoke approach with the view to deliver value to the customer by tailoring the service to meet your needs, challenges and priorities.

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